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What is Cool Blue ReVitalizer?

Cool Blue ReVitalizer contains some of the ingredients that you like about your current energy beverage and none of the ingredients that you dislike. Because of this, We are Not an Energy Drink.

Most energy providing beverages are a combination of artificial and low cost ingredients and are high in calories. They contain artificial sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup, Synthetic Caffeine and Taurine.

The Active Energy Ingredients that make up Cool Blue ReVitalizer are easily metabolized. These Active Energy Ingredients are absorbed into your system in a slower more manageable time frame. This slower absorption time gives you the energy that you require for your daily activities without the so-called-crash that you get from energy drinks.

Cool Blue ReVitalizer is made with:
  • • Real Sugar
  • • Natural Caffeine sourced from Guarana
  • • Triple Filtered-Reverse Osmosis Water
  • • Natural Flavors

No vitamin or medicinal aftertaste or finish.

Only 60 calories per serving.

Only 100mg of Natural Caffeine per serving.

Easy on your gut.

Easily metabolized.

The Choice is Clear, Be Cool – Drink Blue!
...Oh Yeah, it makes a great mixer!

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